Over the Crown of the World

9: Tormented Souls

Burnt Offerings

Reequipped with cold iron arrows and other newly bought gear, Aeryk, Rogar and (a slightly delayed) Kaitlinn stop off briefly to touch base at the Rusty Dragon that evening. Once there they find not only Traveler has returned (having taken two weeks to go “visit an old friend about a horse”), but a new face – the 1/2 orc Haji the Summoner – has arrived. Haji, as it turns out, had come to repay Shalelu the favor of saving his life some time before. After bringing the pair up to speed on their mission to do in the Quazit lurking in the labyrinth bellow, the two readily agree to lend a hand. Haji takes a minute to summon his companion, a strange furry bird thing that puts Meuhenlau’s own pet into such a tizzy that the Tengu declines to join the next foray bellow. Ameiko warns them to hurry their search, as she’d really like to brick up the passageway soon.

They retrace their steps bellow the Glassworks to the strange underground ruin, but find the cathedral empty. When Traveler thinks he hears singing coming from the shrine, Aeryk sets off some fireworks to blow up the shrine to Lamashtu – Traveler thinks he sees a goat’s head in the flames, but nothing else appears. Traveler is haunted thereafter by a sense of power pulling him to both the shrine and the higher pool in the Chapel proper.

Continuing to explore while they search for the Quazit, they follow the stairs up from the statue room, soon coming across a well full of clear water, but one of the skulls sitting on it’s edge pops wings and tentacles to attack them. Except for a shriek that paralyzes Rogar briefly, the flying thing proves no match for them, and they push on, only to have to turn around when they find a spiral staircase going up, blocked with rubble.

Working their way back, they eventually follow the stairs leading down from the torture chamber to find a large room, its’ floor filled with wood-flats, each covering a pit with something moaning within. As soon as they arrive they attract the attention of a hideous mutant Goblin, twice the size he should be, with extra limbs growing from his body, three holding weapons (a longsword, a hand axe & a silver dagger). Traveler & Haji’s monster rush up to engage the Goblin, who spits a stream of acidic blood on them before stepping up to engage Traveler directly, nearly killing him before he, Rogar & Kaitlinn manage to drop him.

But as the creature falls, the Quazit makes her appearance, flapping above with her returning knife, to add to Traveler’s injuries. A lucky shot from Kaitlinn, along with some solid shots from the others soon do enough damage to make her be the one to flee this time. Unable to track the injured, invisible Quazit, they decide to take the badly maimed Traveler and get out before the Quazit recovers and comes back to harass them again.

Back at the Rusty Dragon, after selling off the Goblin’s Axe, Ameiko identifies the sword as the magical blade once carried by the notorious Goblin champion Koruvus, a feat that makes Shalelu quite pleased with them. For including Koya in their celebratory rounds of drinking, she tends to Traveler’s injuries with her prayers to Desna. Recovered, they begin planning their next move: continue to fruitlessly hunt the Quazit in the dungeons bellow, join Shalelu in her hunt to finish off her old rival Bruthazmus at Thistletop, or see what that skull at the mysterious cave on the map of Brinestump Marsh represents.


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