Over the Crown of the World

20: Terror in Ravenmoor

Feast of Ravenmoor

As Khoren, Aeryk & Kaitlinn look askance at the monstrous pig, their new spider-friend is taken by surprise by Atem. Atem had taken off for a little midnight meditation earlier that evening and had been found by Viorec, who’d managed to persuade the ornery monk to come with him to aid his allies – just in time it seems. The Monk gives the spider enough of a pounding the monster immediately vanishes, allowing he and the others to put their full, unadulterated attention on the horrible pig-thing, which they manage to dispatch in short order.

Reunited, they bring Atem up to speed before searching the creepy basement. They don’t quite know what to make of the disturbing insect icon on the table, but agree the blood-stained thing must be destroyed, so they break it apart with some handy shovels. They also uncover more cultist costumes bellow the table, and a number of bodies buried in the ground nearby. One even matches the missing tax collector, so they take his head as gruesome proof. Given their injuries they choose to flee the farm rather than explore further, stopping only briefly to fetch Viorec & his son before skipping town.

Two days later they reach Rodrick’s Cove, where they are happily reunited with Ameiko and the rest of the Caravan. After some healing by Koya and some tail-telling from Khoren, they buy horses and set out to return to deal with the Ravenmoor cult with the help of Orik and Meuhenau, while the Caravan continues north for Brinewall.

Reaching Ravenmoor at dusk the following day, they strike immediately for the farm, where they find (and speedily dispatch) several more cultists without trouble. Searching the house for the spider-thing, they are again ambushed by the Arenae, but this time they manage to avoid it’s enchantments (for the most part – Orik has a nice nap) and chase it down, dispatching it on the ceiling finally with a well-placed blow by a giant-sized Khorien and his electrified sword sticking through both spider and roof.

Outside, they find a band of mongrelmen in the barn they easily dispatch, but the pack of stirges hiding amongst the drying flayleaf prove more troublesome, especially when they ambush Kaitlinn (who had been exploring away from the rest of the party). She leaps into a nearby pond to be free of them, leaving them to be slaughtered by her friends. United again, and much more cautious, they enter the maze.

As they explore they notice the webs and fungus filling the corn-hedge walls,but are quite caught by surprise when Aeryk shoves his torch into the wall to see if it might burn, he instead aggravates a swarm of mosquitoes. The insects prove more than a match for them, their rapacious hunger nearly killing Meuhenlau and badly hurting many of the others. Unable to find a way to harm them, the party picks up their fallen and flee, turning to see it stop at the mazes edge, where they see it swarming around a faceless stranger who disappears back into the fields of corn, along with the mosquitoes.

Badly hurt and with their healer down, they decide to claim what victory they may and again flee Ravenmoor. Six days later they finally again catch up to the Caravan outside the haunted walls of Brinewall, with several amongst their number suffering from Malaria and Meuhenlau’s Axebeak dead from injuries incurred in their flight. And yet, in their absence they find their friends that stayed with the Caravan too have suffered…


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