Over the Crown of the World

16: The Journey North begins with a step...

Burnt Offerings, Brinewall Legacy, Feast of Ravenmore

With Nualia and Tsuto dead, their dogs dispersed, and their allies either fled or captured, the gang sets about looting the spoils of war and making sure everyone gets a piece. It is decided Orik would be the best man to make use of Nualia’s blade, while Rogar takes her magical armor. Tsuto’s protective Ring is taken by Haji, while the mysterious medallion is claimed by Khoren. Kaitlinn takes Tsuto’s bow and tools, the petty cash is distributed as best they can amongst the rest, while other assorted jewelry and treasure that may need appraising is thrown into the party fund to be appraised of it’s value later.

With the principle threat behind the Goblins defeated, the rest of the gang head back to town to rest and recuperate or to brag of their adventure (or, in the case of Orik, to see to it Lyrie is handed over to Sheriff Hemlock to face justice), while Khoren, Haji, Kaitlinn & Rogar continue to explore a little further. While they fret at the illusory pillar of gold hiding a stone carving of the same, they decide to call it quits when a nearby tomb proves to be full of Shadows.

Back in town Haji takes his leave, wanting to make his way back home in Cheliax, and so many fond farewells are said. Ameiko in turn introduces the remaining company to her younger brother Atem, recently returned from the monastery and eager to travel north to Brinewall with them, and several marvel at just how many siblings she might have. The following day is spend working hard as final preparations for the Caravan are made. It is at this point they are introduced to a potential passenger, Jeminda Anikee. Jaminda ends up hiring them instead to resolve her business north in Ravenmoor rather than travel with them herself. Turns out her recovering drunk of a brother-in-law, Elias Kyle, had gone off to collect back-taxes from the small village at her insistence (having discovered the clerical error that had resulted in none being collected in the last 15 years). Now she’s afraid he may have collected the money and skipped off to Riddleport, presuming he’s not dead in a ditch thanks to bandits. And if her superiors find out about this before she can get the money back, she’ll be sacked for sure! So if they can just get the taxes back, they’ll be compensated well for their time.

Packed and with a possible side-job tucked away, the Caravan sets out the following morning. In the rain. And the mud.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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