Over the Crown of the World

12: Seige at Thistletop

Burnt Offerings

Retreating to rest and recuperate at Sandpoint for the night, Shalelu leads Kaitlinn, Rogar & the Traveler back to Thistletop the next morning. Finding the bridge re-strung, this time they cross it one at a time, finding doing so will not cause it to snap. Finding the front doors barred from the inside, but no one paying attention from the watch towers, they decide to stealthily climb to the roof to scout over to the inner courtyard in hopes of slipping in (Traveler stays behind to watch the front gate).

Looking into the courtyard they are spotted by four of the hairless Goblin Dogs, which immediately yip an alarm. As Kaitlinn, Shalelu & Rogar strike them with arrow and knife, the Goblins (supposedly) on watch take notice, and while those outside race to the entrance on their own Goblin Dogs, two begin firing from one of the towers (two others chuck pickles out of the other tower, perplexing Kaitlinn no end, before joining their allies in the far tower by taking shots at the heroes). Traveler finds himself fighting not only the pack outside the stockade, but a half dozen more that spill out of the front entrance. Though she jumps down to help and heal him, Kaitlinn proves unable to alleviate enough of his injuries to save the mysterious caravan guard before the mob of Goblins and their pets bring him down. Still, the assembled horde prove unable to defeat the survivors, as Rogar, Shalelu and Kaitlinn do their best to avenge their fallen comrade, slaughtering the lot of them.

With the door open they set about exploring the rest of the stockade, moving swiftly from room to room until they find the locked entry into the throne room. As soon as Kaitlinn jimmies the door, they rush in to face four Goblins, three skilled warriors led by a warchanter who put up a good fight, but fall to the vengeful heroes in short order. Finishing their quick reconnoiter, they find a set of stairs leading down, when they encounter a strange-looking fellow who asks them nicely not to shoot him, as he is no more an ally of the Goblins than they. His name is Hobbs, and if they’ll let him join their band, he’ll tell them what’s REALLY going on in Thistletop…


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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