Over the Crown of the World

11: Bridge over troubled Water

Burnt Offerings

With AMeiko busy setting her affairs in order, and Sandru & Koya getting the Caravan ready to leave, the gang decides they’d best help Shalelu track down her hated rival, the notorious Bugbear Bruthazmus. The following morning Shalelu leads a small band consisting of Kaitlinn, Haji and the Traveler off through the hinterlands north of Sandpoint to the Goblin stronghold at Thistletop. After easily fighting off a Goblin ambush in the woods and carefully working their way through the brambles and nettles blocking the way to the cliffs, they fight several packs of Goblin Dogs before finally finding their way the a rickety rope-bridge crossing the gulf between the mainland cliff and the bizarre half-head island jutting from the waves upon which the fortress of the Goblins awaits.

Half-way across the bridge the rope snaps on one side, dropping all the wood slats into the frothing waters bellow. Though Shalelu & Kaitlin manage to grab on and pull themselves back to safety, Traveler takes the 80’ plunge. Only Haji, who had yet to try to cross, stands with his bird-thing on the cliff’s edge unscathed. The Traveler survives his fall, managing to swim into a nearby cavern, only to find himself fighting for his life against a hungry Bunyip. Though Shalelu & Haji race to a hole entering the cavern above, and Kaitlinn bravely (if possibly foolishly) clambers down the cliff-side and swims in directly to the cave entrance where Traveler had last been seen, none manage to arrive to give him aid and the monster tries dragging him down. Luck and general cussedness win out in his favor though, and he manages to beat it to death before he can bleed out. Pulling himself onto the ledge, Kaitlinn manages to reach his side in time to give him magical healing with a wand she’d bought for just such an emergency. Soon joined by Haji & Shalelu, the four set about searching the cave’s tide-pool, finding treasure amongst the remains of the monster’s prior victims.


GrendelTodd GrendelTodd

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